While the OMFC does not aim to be an accrediting body, it does recommend that fellowship programs meet the below guidelines to maximize odds of program success and align with the training regimen of other Obesity Medicine Fellowship programs. The recommendations listed below must be met in order to qualify for membership in the Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council.

  • The core elements of the fellowship curriculum include:
    • Adult medical obesity therapy
    • Pediatric medical obesity therapy
    • Lifestyle-based obesity therapy
    • Surgical obesity therapy
    • Didactic curriculum on the science and clinical aspects of obesity
  • The curriculum consists of more than 50% Obesity Medicine
  • The training program is at least 50% clinical Obesity Medicine
  • The program trains MDs and DOs who have completed an ACGME residency program
  • The duration of the fellowship is a minimum of one year
  • The fellowship is a full-time paid position
  • Faculty Requirements:
    • The Program Director is an American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) Diplomate
    • Other core faculty includes at least one other physician with a specialized expertise in obesity medicine
    • The Program Director and key faculty have academic or equivalent educational leadership appointments
  • The program has a financial sustainability plan
  • The institution where the fellowship program resides has ACGME-accredited programs
  • The Obesity Medicine Fellowship Program has institutional approval from its GME oversight committee