Interested in applying to an Obesity Medicine Fellowship program?

  • Important Dates:

    • Applications are currently being accepted. Priority Application deadline is November 1. Applications may continue to be accepted until positions are filled!
    • Offer Date is December 4, 2023; however, programs will continue to make offers until they fill their positions. 

Application Process

  1. Complete the OMFC Standard Application. Click here to access the OMFC Standard Application.
  2. Gather your Documents:
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Personal Statement (including description of career plans)
    • Transcripts of National Board Exams
    • Recent Photo
  3. Identify the Programs where you'll apply.
  4. Identify the contacts to whom you'll send your application and materials (click + next to institutions listed below).
  5. Contact the 3 people who will write letters of recommendation and tell them where to send the letters.
    • Three letters of recommendation are required (1. from your most recent residency/fellowship program director, 2. a recent supervisor other than your residency/fellowship program director, and 3. one additional letter from a clinical supervisor who can attest to your abilities). It is preferred that the letters come from the writer directly.
  6. Send your Standard Application and the 4 additional documents directly to the programs where you want to apply.
  7. Send your Standard Application and the list of programs to which you're applying to: OMFC Director Stacy Schmidt, PhD:


Offer Process

  1. Priority Application Window is July 17 - November 1, 2023 (we recommend not waiting until the November deadline to apply so that you have ample time to schedule interviews). 
  2. Interview with programs that reach out to you.
  3. Create your list of preferred programs after you've completed all interviews so that you are prepared to give a timely response if you are offered a position.
  4. Offer Date is December 4, 2023. All programs will send out offers to their top applicants between 10am-1pm ET.
    • If you receive an offer from your top choice, let the program director know as soon as possible and decline all other offers so that other applicants may be given offers.
    • If you do not receive an offer on December 4, you may receive one later in the week or the following week(s) as programs go through their list of applicants.
    • As positions get filled, the status of programs will be updated on the OMFC website so you can see where there are still openings.
    • You may apply to additional programs that have openings if your top choices did not offer the position to you.
  • Note:

    • Obesity Medicine fellowship programs do not participate in the Medical Specialties Matching Program; therefore, it is likely that some programs will make offers after December 4, as many candidates apply to multiple programs.
    • Individual programs may choose to accept applications after the deadline, if necessary, and may request additional information from applicants.

Programs accepting Applications:

Click + to see application details and eligibility requirements for each program. 

If you have any issues with the application or general questions, please contact:


Stacy Schmidt, PhD

Coordinating Director

Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council