Obesity Medicine Fellowship Programs provide comprehensive training in the treatment of complex obesity. CME simply cannot match the clinical experiences that fellows receive in their training!

Learn to treat obesity to better resolve and prevent some of the most common health problems in the US.

Fellowship-Trained Obesity Medicine
Physicians have substantial experience in
providing Comprehensive Obesity Care.

Apply to be an Obesity Medicine fellow in 2024! Programs are accepting now!


This website is designed to be the central hub for those interested or involved in Obesity Medicine fellowships. The Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council (OMFC) was created with a mission: To enhance access to effective obesity care through advanced clinical training of specialized obesity medicine physicians. Our goals are: To support Obesity Medicine fellowship training programs and their primary educational mission, promote an adequate supply of effective specialty training opportunities, and increase the number of subspecialty fellowship-trained obesity medicine physicians.
The OMFC is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information regarding Obesity Medicine fellowship training, as well as other resources for those interested in learning more about careers in Obesity Medicine.

As the field of Obesity Medicine grows and more fellowships are developed, we believe there should be standardization in what constitutes an Obesity Medicine Fellowship program. The OMFC aims to provide guidance on best practices so that all fellowship programs are sustainable, provide comprehensive training, and prepare the next generation of Obesity Medicine Specialists to combat the obesity epidemic. With the establishment of more fellowship programs, Obesity Medicine can become eligible to be recognized as an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) subspecialty.


The Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council (OMFC) was formed in 2018 and consists of existing Obesity Medicine Fellowship Program Directors and other experts in Obesity Medicine. Given the growing prevalence of obesity and lack of formal training for physicians in Obesity Medicine, this Council formed with a mission to expand specialty training opportunities and increase the fellowship-trained obesity medicine physician workforce. The goals of the OMFC are to support 1) Obesity Medicine Fellowship Programs, 2) Obesity Medicine Fellows, and 3) effective obesity care.